Adventure Terrain is proud to present our 28mm dug-in markers (they fit up to 30mm bases). These are stands for a skirmish game where you want that little extra on the gaming table. No need for a chit to say the figures are dug-in, just put them in these bases and they will look great on the board.

*** 5 markers in a set

*** They are supplied unpainted

*** 4 unique designs and then one at random

*** $9.95 plus shipping ($3.00 (1st class) up to 2 sets and $4.95(priority) for 3 or more)


Complete Road Set



The Complete Road Set Includes
9x 6" straight
3x 3" staright
2x Curves
1x Cross Roads
1x "Y"
1x "T"
2x Straight with off shoot
2x Male connectors
2x Female connectors
2x Male endcapes
2x Female endcaps
6" Straight
6" Straight Special x 6
3" Straight
Cross Roads
6" Straight Off Shoot
6" Straight Off Shoot
Curve Left
Curve Right
Female Connector
Male Connector
Female Endcap
Male Endcap
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